Pictures the Cherokee Nation Doesn’t Want You To See

On a website called “Thoughts from Polly’s Granddaughter,” pictures were posted of a dilapidated trailer that had been “repaired” by the Cherokee Nation.



Photo from Polly’s Granddaughter

The blog introduced several disturbing pictures as something the Cherokee Nation would like to be hidden from the public. The blogger suggested comparing them to the positive images created by the Cherokee Nation’s P.R. department of happy families getting a new home with a smiling Chief Baker standing nearby. (Go to the blog, in sidebar, to see more pictures)

Apparently, an elderly Cherokee man requested help from the Cherokee Nation to fix his roof and got a tarp put over it. From the pictures on the blog post, the problems seem to extend to a rotting ceiling and black mold. Also, the elderly man has been waiting seven months for a permanent fix.

Finding a workable solution for the elder’s home seems convoluted and typical of an overworked bureaucracy. Perhaps the blog post will call attention to the situation and a remedy will soon be found.

On Facebook pages, Cherokees were outraged over the pictures. As many felt sickened and angry over the situation, they were asking questions like how can the Nation spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a resort and mall when we can’t take care of our own citizens. Some questioned the administration’s show of “glitz” while ignoring everyday people. One flat out stated the Cherokee Nation has neglected this elder.

But also in the Facebook comments, Cherokees were trying to find ways to help the man. One person contacted both the Council Representative and Chief about the situation. Another went so far as to search and find a replacement trailer. Others were giving heartfelt advice and coming up with ways to expedite the repair process.

As the blog post says, “a picture speaks a thousand words.” Apparently, this picture has generated much more than a thousand words.

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