Booklet Questions Disturbing Information About Cherokee Nation’s Corruption and Leads to Threats Violating 1st Amendment Rights

During the 64th Annual Cherokee Nation Holiday copies of a booklet were distributed around as well as Tulsa Today releasing an article questioning some of the corruption going on in our own Cherokee Nation.

This booklet questioned if Bill John Baker gave his brother a $280,000 job as well as questionable land purchases from recently appointed CNB Board members, jobs being given out to political friends and family members, and even alteration of our tribal laws to prevent our employees addressing issues and wrongdoings within our tribe.

In the link below is a PDF of the booklet that was distributed during the Holiday. The information being questioned was enough to cause John Paden, Cherokee Nation security guard, to threaten one of our Cherokee citizens for exercising their right of Freedom of Speech.

Please contact the Tribal Council today and ask why aren’t they doing anything! For their contact info click here.



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