Did Chief Baker Give His Brother a Job at Cherokee Nation Businesses Worth Over $500,000?

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It is becoming clear that under Chief Baker’s administration the Cherokee Nation and it’s entities have become a piggy bank for political and family related hires. The most shocking of all these might have to be Tim Baker, Bill John’s brother.

The reason why this is so shocking is the blatant nepotism but also the fact that Tim Baker is making $280,000 base salary plus benefits, and they are some really great benefits.

Tim Baker’s contract at CNB goes as:
• base salary of $280,000
• plus fringe at 34% or an additional $95,000
• plus a 40% annual bonus of $112,000
• plus a new $50,000 Suburban vehicle
for a total of $537,000

People have requested more proof about this claim and we have it. Unfortunately FOIA has been changed to the point where citizens can no longer request information about Cherokee Nation Businesses. However thanks to the cherokeecourts.org site, we have found a case which Tim Baker is representing CNB as:

Vice President and General Counsel
CNBA #11
777 West Cherokee Street Catoosa, OK 74015
Attorney for Cherokee Nation Businesses, LLC

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This is our Cherokee Nation now and this cannot be acceptable so please CONTACT YOUR ELECTED OFFICIAL AND MAKE SURE THEY KNOW THIS IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much more to tell so please keep looking for more articles coming out addressing the issues of nepotism, cronyism, and corruption.


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